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How are the extensions applied?

We have 2 different methods of application available depending on your personal preference. --Rows or Individuals--

We do not use glue, braiding or bonding.

Rows - Usually 3 rows are applied (one pack of hair). Just below the crown, we part your hair horizontally and attach the rows using tiny, tube-like beads. Using a special tool, we will string a strand of your hair and an equal amount of the extension hair through the bead and secure it at the root. This process is repeated every half inch until the entire row is secured.

Average time for new application = 2 hours.

Individuals - Similar method as the rows except the extensions are individual strands. Each strand is applied one at a time, just below the crown. The average client will need 5-7 bundles of hair. But you can adjust the amount depending on the thickness/ volume desired.

Average time for new application = 4 hours.

How long do they last?

This will depend on how you treat your hair. The average length of time our clients go before they need a tightening is 2 months.

How are they tightened?

We will loosen the bead a bit, slide it back up to the root and secure it. This is a very quick process that takes only about 30 mins.

Can I wash my hair with extensions?

Yes, wash and condition as usual. We also recommend using either a leave-in conditioner or a shine serum to keep your extensions soft & silky.

Can I Flat Iron or Curl my hair with extensions?

Yes, you can style your hair as usual. We recommend using a heat protecting spray before straightening to keep your hair smooth.

Can I color my extensions?

Yes, you may color your extensions because they are made of 100% human hair.

Can I swim with my extensions?

Yes, you may go swimming. But if swimming in a chlorinated pool, we recommend using a leave-in conditioner after you swim to keep your hair happy. Chlorine is very drying.

Will my extensions match my own natural hair?

Yes, extensions are available in many different colors and textures. Whether your hair is straight or curly, dark or light, gorgeous hair is available for everyone.

Does SexyTimeHair sell hair extensions?

No, we are only a service that applies the extensions. We want our clients to be able to select the exact hair they want and be able to see all the different brands available. Hair prices can range from affordable to top of the line. There is hair available for every budget. We have several Beauty Supply Shops that we work closely with and can recommend. We can even meet you there to assist in selecting your hair.

How are my extensions removed?

Very easily! We simply loosen the beads using a special tool and they slip right off.


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